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Simon Bang

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Simon Bang (b 1960) is 5th generation of an artist family. Simon paints landscapes. It is often landscapes from around his childhood  home in the country side; Fensmark, 80 km south of Copenhagen. In his landscapes we see wellknown landscapes, houses that are specific to his memory but could be found anywhere in rural Denmark; farms, the occurrence of simple villas and villages, small roads, farmland. This makes his landscapes feel like a collective memory, which we all can relate to. We have not been there but it feels like we have.

Then there is something different! Through particularly the use of very vibrant colours Simon is renewing the concept of landscape painting. His expressive, almost surreal colours, lets us know that there is something other going on. It is not a romantic presentation of childhood landscapes but rather both a view the child would see but equally what the adult beholder remembers and registers, not to mention feels! Simons outstanding ability to work with the colours and with them create light, hence make different scenes with various feelings of light, is what makes his works so unique. Maybe some of these qualities have been honed in his long career working in the film industry parallel to his career as an artist. Here Simon has worked with creating story boards for some of Denmark's most famous movie directors. 

Simon lives in Copenhagen, more specifically the area of Østerbro. Østerbro and other places in Copenhagen have also been subjected to Simons visual storytelling. Visual storytelling his art works can be called, but there is equally a literal storytelling from his side taking place in his very active social media accounts, where he is enjoying a close dialogue with his many followers. Here we get an inside look to what is going on in his art works and sometimes some help to interpret them.

Click below to link to Simon Bang or email us on or call +420724592515 for inquiries

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